Oil Field Innovation

Noble Casing is Leading the Oil Field Services with New Improved Methods and Technologies.

Casing in the Bakken

Our Back Yard is the Bakken - Noble Casing now Offering Oil Field Services in the Rocky Mountain Region

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Noble Casing is currently looking for all positions in oilfield services due to expanding operations in Marietta, OK


Noble Casing, Inc. The premiere oil field service company that provides clean and drift services, laydown services, casing services, fill tool services, torque turn services as well as offer specialty equipment such as a pipe wrangler, little tripper laydown machine.
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Noble Casing’s rathole division includes 3 state of the art drilling units and many support units such as cement trucks, vac trucks, and tractor trailers. Noble Casing’s rathole handles every part of the onsite rathole work including cementing and water transportation to avoid the need for other companies to be on location. This ensures the work will be done in a timely matter without any unneeded delays. Our rathole team is made up of time tested hands with a passion to take this division to the fore front of this field.
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Noble Casing’s laydown division consists of a fleet of almost twenty units. Eight laydown machines in the field and chase trucks for support. Noble laydown beds are built with safety and efficiency in mind. Our laydown beds are held to the highest standards ensuring a safe workplace.
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Noble Casing hires the best hands in the industry. We are safe, innovative, ethical, drug free and work hard. We look for people who are problem solvers and share in our vision of being the best company in the business. With most of our employees being native to North Dakota, we know the Bakken and the harsh conditions it dishes out. We are locally owned and operated and have been around the industry our entire lives; so have our families and friends. Our crews have a shining reputation in the field due to their attention to detail, safety and their passion to be leaders in the field.
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