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Noble Casing, Inc. was formed August, 2009 by Chance Innis and Tobi Wold with over 20 years combined knowledge and experience in all aspects of casing running services. Their goal was to build a company focused around its employees, constantly striving to provide them with a safe work environment and new, highly maintained equipment in order to provide our customers with the most economically efficient services provided in the industry. There was only 30+ rigs drilling in the Bakken at the time Noble Casing was incorporated and by providing quality casing services with a focus on safety and customers’ needs, Noble Casing has seen incredible growth.

Noble Casing started with one Laydown Machine, one Casing Truck and a set of tongs, on loan from Mr. Terry Eckel. Thank you Mr. Eckel! The company now consists of 8 Laydown Machines with support crew trucks and 8 tong-trucks all fully backed-up with hydraulic power units. Noble Casing also has a wide variety of handling equipment and over 20 sets of power tongs to cover any of our customer needs. In addition, Noble Casing provides specialty equipment such as a “Lil’ Tripper”, Pipe Wrangler for work-over rigs, auto-fill tools, torque turns, and Clean & Drift “Rack Crews”.

Being local, experienced casing hands, has allowed Noble Casing to grow at a rapid, yet sustainable, rate over the last three years. The company now has over 100 employees in four different locations, Williston, ND, Cheyenne, WY and Fort Collins, CO. Being driven and successful operators in the field has helped them in becoming known as the leader in the Bakken.