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Noble Casing is the premiere oilfield service company that provides clean and drift services, laydown services, casing services, fill tool services, torque turn services as well as offer specialty equipment such as a pipe wrangler, “little tripper” laydown machine.

Noble’s casing division consists of 8 casing trucks and 8 hydraulic power units. The casing company has grown to be a front runner in the North Dakota fields due to our exceptional quality of work coupled with speed and efficiency in the field. We run 100% back up equipment on location even with our newest top of the line equipment which has led to our unprecedented efficiency and quality of work.

The casing division is also on the cutting edge of technology with fill-up tools and torque turn capabilities. We currently run 3 fill tools in the field and have the ability to circulate, fill pipe, or take flow back under much safer conditions then were previously practiced in the field. Our torque monitoring system is one of the only real time torque monitoring systems available on the market. This allows us to record and monitor every connection either from site or from a remote site to ensure the highest quality casing job available in this market.